Knox Street Bar on September 3rd

Read To Me has teamed up with Georgette Stefoulis and Ella Sanderson at Hag Mag for a singular night of visual storytelling. And by singular I mean that this is going to be a real one of a kind night. And by night, I mean evening. 7:30pm!

Again, we have an incredible number of talented folks reading. I know, broken record, but it’s true! Check it out: Adi Firth, SAARA138, Will Thompson, Papa Grumbus, Harriet Cronley, Jessica Edge, Hyam Cacerez, Monty Hancock, Georgette Stefoulis, Ella Sanderson, and Fionn McCabe.

You really have nothing else to do this Tuesday! And besides, who'd want to miss all those good vibes?

See you there for beer, hugs, and stories.