Knox Street Bar on March 5th

The official start of our 2019 Knox Street Bar residency promises to be a good one.

Real good.

Best Tuesday you’ve had in ages.

The event will start at 7:30pm and run to about 9:30pm. And it’s free! Woot!

Knox Street Bar has food and drinks and our events are crowded with the loveliest folks. We should have a TV setup outside the main performance space should it get too crowded this time. Come early, stay late, rekindle your love of specialty hotdogs and great visual stories.

The night will feature some Read To Me favourites as well as new readers. Sophia Melika, Ros Hoops, Jin Lau, Ilana Bodenstein, Jesse Anderson, Georgette Stefoulis, Lester Chan, Phillip Johnston, Scott Wrigg, and Bryce and Ryan Pemberton.

That lineup!

It’s gonna be rad.