Knox Street Bar on March 6th

Join us on March 6th, at 7:30pm for the first Read To Me of 2018.

This will be the first performance at our new bimonthly residency at the Knox Street Bar. Come early, hang out, order some dinner, have a drink. It’s on a Tuesday, what’s the worst that could happen?

This latest installment will feature the work of Lizzie Nagy, Tim McEwen, Samuel McEwen, Ilana Bodenstein, Lucie Towers, Ryley Miller and Fionn McCabe.

READ TO ME - Yogyakarta Biennale

While in residence at Krack Studio in Yogjakarta, Read To Me and Comic Art Workshop were invited to present at the city's Art Biennale. A screen was constructed out of bamboo poles and canvas in the park outside the studio for the night. It was lots of fun and, if circumstances allow it, we plan to build bamboo screens for all future outdoor events.

Thi Bui, Campbell Whyte, Josh Santospirito, Sarah Firth, Eleri Harris, Georgina Chadderton, Max Loh, Leigh Rigozzi and Fionn McCabe from the Comic art workshop presented as well as the incredible Indonesian cartoonist Terra Bajraghosa.

READ TO ME - Ubud Writers Festival

On October 28th Read To Me and the Comic Art Workshop presented the work of Rachel Ang, Thi Bui, Campbell Whyte, Josh Santospirito, Sarah Firth, Eleri Harris, Owen heitmann, Georgina Chadderton, Max Loh and Fionn McCabe at Bar Luna at the Ubud Writers Festival.

It was a wonderful night packed with people, laughs, microphone squawks. Many thanks to all who attended.

READ TO ME - Zine There, Done That, October 7, 2017


Saturday, October 7th at dusk
At the Thirroul Railway Institute Hall

Put your pile of new zines in your tote bag, push through the crowd, grab a drink, find somewhere to sit and enjoy the work of some of the best visual storytellers from the Leisure Coast and Sydney!

Read to Me and Zine There, Done That present local cartoonists, writers, photographers and illustrators in an evening of graphic storytelling. Storytellers include Pat Grant, Meg O'Shea, Louie Joyce, Mary van Reyk, Can Yalcinkaya, Ali Chalmers Braithwaite, Fionn McCabe, Elin Matilda Andersson and Leigh Rigozzi.

Click here for the facebook event.

Photos - Ashfield library Comic Conversation 2017

Photos from the inaugural Read To Me event featuring Eleri Mai Harris, Joshua Santospirito, Sarah Catherine Firth, Meg O Shea, Safdar Ahmed and Lee Whitmore. Part of the Comic Conversation events at Ashfield Library, July, 2017

DRAWING VOICE - Comic Conversation, July 15th, 2017

Push through the crowds, grab a seat, switch your phone to Airplane mode and enjoy the work of some of the best visual storytellers from Sydney and greater Australia.

Drawing Voice, is a storytelling event that places the work of Meg O’Shea (SYD), Joshua Santospirito (HOBART), Safdar Ahmed (SYD), Sarah Catherine Firth (MELB), Lee Whitmore (SYD) and Eleri Mai Harris (CANBERRA), right in front of your eyeballs.

Each of these artists creates personal, thoughtful, occasionally heartbreaking, sometimes hilarious works for adults, skillfully manipulating the comics medium to create powerful, moving content. Their work addresses political themes, issues of identity, memory, and place, and range in form from comic journalism, to philosophy, fiction and biography.

After the readings the authors will engage in a question and answer and you can even purchase some of their books.